i need to believe
that death is a beginning
each of us a flame
finding our way back to God
there’s comfort in that

Mandy Edwards (c) 2017

4 thoughts on “grief

    1. It is like a huge crushing weight inside at the moment. A beautiful soul. Joan from my church. I have only known her for three years but just being near her brought me peace. She has returned home. I know that. She suffered so much pain from cancer. Even she was getting fed up with it. She who took on others pain and gave them solace. I loved her. Can’t believe i can no longer give her a hug. Thank you for your words. I remember reading your poem. It was beautiful. I just needed to write something to assuage the big lump inside. Still there this morning though. The funeral is today. That will help to say goodbye.

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      1. Yes. Funerals are so very helpful. I used to hate them and then realized just how important they are. She sounds like a beautiful person, but I understand wanting her to finally have relief. At the beginning of Jan I wrote about my brothers passing and my mom’s bday. The anniversary of her passing is still in my horizon (next week). She too had cancer and the overwhelming emotion I had on the day she left was relief. Please be gentle with yourself in this time. It is so hard to lose people, especially those we are so very close to. Much love.

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