Tread softly

Tread softly dear one.

An elaborate pantomime

Is prowling my mind.


Mandy Edwards (c) 2018


A nonsense poem

Petrichor Pete ran down the street,
His univocal all of aquiver,
Desperate to see his sweetheart’s pugree,
But alas she wouldn’t deliver.

With a toss of her gossamer, she was away
As fast as her pastiche allowed,
Her seraglio loose like a susurrus goose,
As she sashayed her way through the crowd.

Pete used his frugal to shout like a bugle,
His dulcet fair dripping with sweat,
But soon it was lithe that his bombinate wife,
Had no interest in muzzling him yet.

So Petrichor Pete with wherewithal feet,
Nefariously wandered back home,
For lack of pugree, I think you’ll agree,
Means man must languor alone.


Mandy Edwards © 2017