Lonely Bay

Why are you named so, Lonely Bay?
Alone perhaps, but lonely, Nay!

How could this be? You have the sea,
And all that’s wild and all that’s free.

Just feast your eyes upon the sky,
As battered clouds go racing by.

And listen to the throaty roar,
Of rollers breaking on your shore.

Perhaps it’s I who’s feeling blue,
My mind projected in the view.

But why this be I cannot say,
And fare thee well, oh Lonely Bay.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2017


I wish that I could disappear,

A week a month perhaps a year.

Discover what it’s like to be,

Stripped of everything. Just me.


Would I discover strength or shame?

With no-one else for me to blame.

Would my mind play tricks with me?

My ego scorn this urge to flee?


Or would I find a different song,

One where God and I belong.

A song of love; that helps let go,

My ego’s need to steal the show.


Mandy Edwards (c) 2017